mostly downs

today had its ups and downs, mostly downs.

you might say I had a good day with a lot of things that went wrong.

the morning started off well, waking up an hour early, took Dave to daycare, dropped off Talia at tennis camp, came home for a quick second, then off to work again.

I walked in hearing Tasha in the office talking to who I assumed was a new customer going through an evaluation.

” …yeah thats Wiley, its his first day, he’s only 3 months old so he’s a little nervous.”

to which the woman replied, “Oh how sweet! He’s so cute!”

I waited for Tashas que of “well He’s doing great (talking about the lady’s dog) let me show you the rest of the facility.”

She walked my way and unlocked the door. After clocking in I walked into the groom room where I spend most of my day,

to see Suzi, my boss, brushing Moh, the dog, on the ground.

I forgot.

I forgot today was a Moh day. He has a lot of hair and is naughty for his nail trim.

Then I look over into the small dog area and see two new puppies. a Beagle and a shepherd looking mix (who I found out later is Wiley). The beagle seems familiar but I gave it no second thought. Suzi interrupted my good mornings to the pack and says

“Marisa! Of course Haley didn’t call back..and she showed up today….” she looks at me with these eyes that say “I hope thats ok because I told her mom yes.”

“yeah thats fine!”

It really was fine that Haley was there, it meant more hours for me.  I only hesitated a second because I told Talia that I would be there to pick her up between 2 and 230…

three dogs meant probably 5 hours and it was already 10:30.

Ive had to help Suzi with lifting and maneuvering dogs this week because she had a procedure done two weeks ago and her doctor said no lifting anything over 10 pounds. Moh weighs about 65, Haley about 40 and the new dog, Brody about 75. which meant I would be doing all the lifting today.

I set up my tubs and waited for Suzi’s next word on what to do, she had me lift Moh to the table and then take Haley outside to go potty. When she was done cleaning Moh’s ears we would attempt his nail trim. I am the one now who lays on the dog while she does the nail trim. Today would be my first time helping her with Moh. She told me yesterday that he is very vocal and doesn’t wiggle much. We use a muzzle just to be safe since my face would be so close to his.

So as I’m laying on him, my whole body on his with my arms crossed over his neck, she does the first cut. Moh doesn’t like it and lets out a growl. Showing his large teeth through the netting of the muzzle. I flinched pulling my face away. the next cut wasn’t so bad, and he seemed to relax a little. until she got to the next foot, and he flung his head up into my face and tried to bite my nose. I wasn’t ready for it.  I was fine. moving on to the next feet weren’t so bad because I was ready for it.

We got through it and gave him some cookies just to reassure him we didn’t hate him.

It was Haleys turn.

She’s a different story, this dog is a basset hound lab mix. a very awkward size to try to lay on. So Suzi informs me I will be sitting in the corner of the room with the dogs back to my chest and her legs sticking out. She says Haley isn’t bad she just wiggles and shows her teeth. So again we use the muzzle for safety. Turns out Haley likes me so she didn’t growl or wiggle one bit. She did however scratch the hell out of one of my legs trying to get up. oh well. part of being a groomer I guess. Their baths are nice and calm no biting or growling of any sort. and the rest of work went fine. I lifted Brody and bathed him. a nice solid black lab mix.

I offered to help Suzi finish the dogs all the way through since they were just basic bath and dry dogs but she reminded me of the time. It was 2pm. I was going to be late picking up Talia. I cleaned up my space, took the dogs out for potty walks and was on my way. but not before grabbing a vegan chocolate cookie suzis mom had sent her as a get well gift.

I ran home (drove really) made a sunflower butter and jelly sandwich, grabbed a small piece of cheese, a nectarine and left.

I picked up Talia at 230 sharp. I wasnt late. but now we had to go to petropolis and get Dave (her ridgeback mix) more dog food and then pick him up from daycare.

or at least that was my plan.

I missed the turn to petropolis.

“Are we picking up Dave first or going to get the food?”

dangit she noticed. “Yeah we’re gonna get Dave first I thought he might want to go to the pet store with us…”

“Oh ok!” whew she believed me.

We got Dave. We made it to the store but she wanted to leave him in the car, after all we would only be there for 5 minutes.

We left him in the car and went to get the food. But of course they didn’t have it! They only had the 15 pound bag and not the 25. ugh ok Talia suggested getting the 15 pound bag since Dave was completely out of food.

We got it and got to the car. I looked in and Dave was still laying in the back seat, licking something though.

I put the bag of food in the trunk and hear Talia “DAVE NO! WHAT IS THAT!”

He had my cheese. He ate my cheese.  Oh my gosh where is the chocolate cookie.

I panicked.

Talia saw it before me, it was still in the cup holder, though not wrapped in the paper towel I assumed to be dog proof. no. Dave had the paper towel.

“at least he left the cookie!” Talia laughs. least he left the cookie. We left.

“Oh dangit! I’m in the wrong lane. oh well we’ll take the long way home”

“Can’t you change lanes?”

“No theres a car there now, but its ok we can go this way”

sorry Talia. something is against me today.

We made it home and she took Dave inside. I cleaned up what was left of my smashed chocolate cookie and took it in.

I was so flustered I forgot I left the garage door open so I could go get the mail. I got stuck reading Cathy’s list and started doing other things. when I remembered the garage was still open I took the trash out pretending I knew what I was doing. I got the mail and shut the garage.

empty the dishwasher

wash the fruit

unscrew these things that won’t unscrew

move the dog food

get the mail

i already got the mail

fold the laundry

oh my gosh I want to go home.

oh my gosh what the hell did I just step on.

some of my smashed cookie that I dropped 30 minutes ago walking in the door, of course.

I’m ready to go just leave Cathy a note and go

I get in my car to find the mess Dave so nicely left.

cookie crumbs and sugar crystals everywhere and the cheese wrapper shredded in the back seat

I couldn’t leave it. no. of course I had to clean it up.

I grabbed a starbucks napkin from my glove box and wet it. I started scrubbing my cup holders trying to pick up every last crumb. I wiped the emergency brake. oh crap.. I dropped the napkin down there. In the black hole of the brake. crap. its ok I can reach it.


pushed it further. what do i need to do to catch a break. i used my brain for once today and grabbed the measuring tape in the center console. i hooked it. i got it. I’m leaving. I’m home. thank god. I’m not dead. i need a minute to myself.

no. I’m going to write it down as the most frustrating day in 2015.

thats a lie. the kings didn’t make the playoffs. that was frustrating. the capitals lost to the rangers in game 7 OT. that was frustrating.

ok i think i need to sleep or exercise.

i think i forgot something. that beagle puppy at work. his name is Boone. i know him from the dog park. also the lady that Tasha was talking to this morning. her dog. the golden puppy. Ghram. from the dog park as well.  ok Au voir

this is Moh.
this is Moh.

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