These past few days have been rough. But very interesting.

Friday at work was rather easy considering I had to bathe three huge dogs. And picking up Talia at 2:30 then running around to the grocery store then the dry  cleaners then to pick up Dave. Then take them home. then do chores then pick up Justin at 4:45 and take him home, then take Talia to her friends house for a barbecue. then done. 5:50.

HOME for the weekend.

On Friday night I asked my mother if she would take my sister and I on a mother-daughter date to see the movie Inside Out. SHE SAID YES.

So Friday night we all went out to the movie and came back to have a spur the moment yard sale satruday morning.

I made 12 dollars.

Saturday afternoon however was quite the adventure. My sister and I went to seaside park in Ventura expecting it to be a sunny afternoon. However, it was very cloudy and windy. We stayed anyway because she likes to look for shells and the tide was very low. I sat on our blanket for the first hour until this lady made me angry enough to get up to go tell my sister what she had done. (she had thrown her cigarette on the shore and smashed it, then proceeded to pick up a medium sized rock and pretend to throw it at my sister when she wasn’t looking.) she didn’t know I was with her.

when I got up to tell my sister we noticed this tiny cloud covering certain parts of the beach  and realized the wind had picked up quite a bit.  So much that it was blowing the dry sand down the beach over the wet sand. it was pretty until the wind got to 30mph and the sand was hitting us so violently that it was like a free facial.

i left our stuff to record the wind/sand storm thing only to come back to this.
i left our stuff to record the wind/sand storm thing only to come back to this.

picking up our blanket was a workout, considering the sand had gotten so moist from the ocean air that it was covered in about 40 pounds of sand.

Since it had started raining on our way home we went to Lure fish house to get clam chowder, and it was my first time having it from Lure. I love clam chowder so I’ve definitely had it before from other places but Natalie assured me this one was the best.

It was good. the bread was better. and then we tasted something she had never experienced in this chowder before.

now let me back up a minute. my sister and I don’t eat cow, chicken, pig, turkey. We can’t necessarily be called vegetarian because everyone has their own version of it. We eat fish sometimes and shellfish even less.

so back to the chowder, she thought this texture was over cooked clam but I was a little worried.

she looked up the menu and found that it said there was bacon in it.  she swore there was never bacon in it before. oh well.

I got sick mentally and almost threw it up. My sister was fine, a little sick, but helped me through the worst of it. its over so I’m good. we’re good.

we had so much energy after eating, we scared her 15 year old dog. multiple times.

poor Boxer had the heart of a warrior. he put him through so much crap,

he provided an hour of entertainment for us that evening.

Saturday was one of the best days I’ve had in a long time. definitely going into my core memories.


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